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Undeniably Yours  - Shannon Stacey I really wanted to like this book but we just didn't click. It's not you, "Undeniably Yours", it's me, all me. I don't think we gelled well together for a couple of reasons… 1) I don't know that you're all that believable to me at least. I mean, I've known a few couples in Kevin and Beth's situation and their story hasn't turned out quite as well. 2) Let's just say, I'm used to using my imagination when it comes to certain things. Your "spell everything out in black and white" approach made me blush, often. Don't worry though, I know there's a whole market out there for you, with readers (most of them female) who will love you and eat you up! I'm just not one of them…OK?What I enjoyed about this story was Kevin and the rest of the Kowalski clan. The love, support and loyalty they shared was impressive. Even though Kevin and Beth didn't make the wisest of choices they did they best they could to make the in the right choices for the long haul. Kevin's character is to be commended for taking responsibility for his part in the situation and for not giving up no matter how difficult Beth made things for the both of them. He's far from perfect but by most standards, he went above and beyond what your average male would have and he "manned up" when he needed too. I was glad to see the "happily ever after" ending even if it began in a nontraditional way.The part that I could've done without, besides the r-rated scenes, was Beth's "Ms. Independent" attitude. I just didn't get her and really didn't care for her as a character. She's one of those types that if she were real, we definitely wouldn't be BFF's. She played the martyr card too much which didn't seem to fit either considering she came from a good home and was surrounded by people who cared about her and wanted to help her. It would've been nice to see her realize what a catch Kevin was a little earlier in the story. I also wasn't crazy about the Paulie and Sam storyline - it felt like it competed with Kevin and Beth's and subsequently got lost in the scheme of things. While this book was outside my normal reading genre and not necessarily my taste, I'm certain there are many who will thoroughly enjoy it.