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The Death Cure - James Dashner "The time for lies is over." The problem? Whose telling the truth and whose telling more lies? Thomas knows WICKED has lied to him before, when they sent him into the Maze and again when they dropped him into the Scorch. He knows they've used those closest to him as weapons of betrayal in attempts to collect data for their "cure" blueprint but now they say he and the other Gladers need to trust them one last time. This much anticipated final chapter in The Maze Runner trilogy is filled with action, and edge of your seat suspense that will leave you wondering who can really be trusted right up to the last page. Alliances will be formed, friendships will be put to the ultimate test and choices made that beg the questions, "Are the lives of a few worth losing to save countless more? and Do the ends always justify the means no matter what?"The Trials are finally over, the Gladers, having survived both the Maze and the Scorch are now at the WICKED complex and being given the option of having their memories fully restored, but Thomas and a few others aren't sure they want all of them back. For Thomas, regaining all of his memories means facing his past mistakes and the truth about what happened between he and Teresa. She pushes for him to get all his back, claiming they can work together to make things right again but he doesn't trust her especially since she still thinks, "WICKED is good." He resists even harder when Dr. Janson aka Rat Man, tries to convince him that he once believed a few lives were worth losing if it meant being able to save a lot more in the long run. Thomas is only more confused when Brenda and Jorge also appear to be working for WICKED instead of against it. What?! Don't they both have The Flare? If so, how can they be working for WICKED? (Maybe they really are past the "Gone" already) He begins to question if everyone has been lying to him? Janson tries a different approach, encouraging Thomas to think of all the good he'll be doing by having his memories back but Thomas still refuses. You see, he's already remembering things on his own, things that contradict what WICKED is working to accomplish. There's buzz about a Resistance and Thomas plots to escape the WICKED complex to find them along with Minho and Newt. When they turn back, deciding to take their friends with them they discover that Teresa and a group of others have already left - without them. If she believes "WICKED is good" why did she leave? Why didn't she take him with her? Once again, Teresa has betrayed him.As he sets out with Minho and Newt, he realizes fairly soon that even the Resistance aren't what they seem. Together, the friends will face challenges and trials more violent than anything they faced inside the maze. These will both strengthen their bond and stretch it to it's limit. Their past will catch up to them and it will be revealed that their futures are not all the same because one of them has the Flare. Knowing how the infected, or the "Cranks" meet a horrible end, one friend will ask another to do the unthinkable and the scenario plays out in a truly gut wrenching way, leaving the reader as heart broken as the character himself.In his search for answers, Thomas will be asked to endure a final test, one that could change the course of the human race. His decision to participate will give him the chance to make amends but it will cost him in ways he never imagined. He'll discover that sacrifice is not only about what you give up but how far your willing to go to save another's life.I know that Thomas is the main character throughout this series but my absolute favorite was Minho! His sarcastic, "take no klunk" attitude was just awesome. He's the shank you want on your side for sure. Yes, he's got an attitude, yes, he can be a slinthead at times but you know without a shadow of a doubt that he has your back, no.matter.what. I definitely want that shank on my side if I get caught in a dark alley, or a maze or a scorch. Where can I buy my TEAM MINHO shirt?!