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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Thank you Netgalley for this ARC. "Hallowed", the second book in the "Unearthly" series picks up where the first book leaves off which is shortly after the two fires, one of which destroyed Tucker's land and claimed both his truck Bluebell and his beloved horse, Midas. Clara, feeling conflicted about having not fulfilled her purpose when she flew off to save Tucker begins to wonder if she'll be punished in some way as a result. She's also become more aware of the tension brewing between the White Wings and the Black Wings but is unsure how she fits into it all.Clara would like nothing more than for everything to go back to the way it was before the fires and though she knows that's not possible, she can't even get her hair to to co-operate. (That's why God invented hats girlfriend!) It's developed a mind of it's own and is determined to stay it's luminous blonde self despite Clara's efforts to dye it back to the red Tucker loves so much. He still calls her "Carrots" but other people seem drawn to her hair in a creepy, "scratch & sniff" sort of way.Angela is back from Italy and even more determined to seek out all angel-bloods in the vicinity as well as any information she can get her hands on about the Black Wings. (She's seems to have developed a condition known as OBW - Obsessive Black Wing). Clara's brother Jeffrey is more aloof than ever and seems to be playing the role of angst ridden half angel teen to a "t". He's still not dishing on exactly where he was the night of the fires, claiming he was out looking for Clara and their Mom but Clara thinks there's more to what he's told them, but so far, that's his story and he's sticking to it.Christian's interest in Clara has increased, making both she and Tucker uncomfortable. (Seems his Heavenly Hotness and Clara have switched roles with him stalking her now instead of vice versa like in Book 1). He seems genuine in his interest which makes it hard for Clara to put aside her growing feelings for him. To top things off, her Mom still hasn't fully recovered from her run-in with Samjeeza which only adds to Clara's anxiety.When Clara begins to have visions again, the turmoil surrounding her life escalates and the only thing she can be certain of is someone she loves will die. Her feelings for Christian become more complicated as she discovers that not only do they share visions, (talk about being on the same page) but they're connected in another way too, one that could seal their fate. Clara's once again torn between Tucker, the boy she loves and wants to have a future with and Christian, the boy she's told she belongs with. It doesn't help matters when Angela decides to start an "Angel Club" with Clara, Jeffrey and Christian as a way to share information and to help and protect each other. (First rule of Angel Club? No one talks about Angel Club.) The extra time spent with Christian and Angel Club equals even more time away from Tucker. They both begin to feel the strain and in an attempt to strengthen their relationship, Clara decides to keep no secrets from him even if it means breaking the super secret angel code. She doesn't consider the danger she's putting Tucker in by sharing everything with him until Samjeeza shows up again and the lives of those she loves hangs in the balance. In order to protect those she loves, Clara will have to choose between the life she wants to live and the one that's been chosen for her. Can she make the right choice if it means losing Tucker forever? This story is filled with love, devastating loss and heartbreak but it's not without hope and the promise of future happiness. While it does have a few unexpected twists, if you're expecting fast paced action or steamy romance then this book isn't for you. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of kissing, the kind that will fog up your glasses (assuming you wear glasses) but most of the romantical stuff is the heart wrenching kind. ***SPOILER ALERT*** DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK.Here's what I think we'll see or I'd like to see in Book 3. Please remember this is just MY opinion.*Something tells me Jeffrey is gonna go all Black Wing on us...as is Angela.*Samjeeza will turn out to be Angela's Dad.*Christian will be killed therefore eliminating the love triangle scenario. (Before the hate comments start...I'm not saying I want him too.)*Tucker will discover that he has angel-blood in him too (YAY!) & then he and Clara can live happily ever after or until they're 120 yrs old whichever comes first. (He seemed to be holding his own against Christian when they were fighting over Clara or am I the only on who picked up on that?)*Clara's vision of she and Tucker, married, on the ranch with the little boy comes true. AWESOMESAUCE! (She outlives him and THEN she and Christian can be together. They're gonna live for a loooong time and it was awhile before her parents got together.)BTW - If Clara is really giving Tucker up, I'll take him! Shoot, I'll dye my hair red/orange (this time it'll be on purpose - don't ask), let him call me "Carrots" and gladly spend my days wearing flannel shirts, fishing and horseback riding on the Lazy Dog Ranch. I'll have to check with my husband first, but I'm pretty sure he won't mind. ;)