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Crossed - Ally Condie This book kept me awake at night, or at least it felt like it. My dreams were filled with helping Cassia as she first risked escaping her work camp to search for Ky and then as they journeyed through the Carving, climbing, running, and hiding, in their struggle to reach either the farmers or the Rising before the Society caught up to them. (not saying they did) In this much anticipated sequel in the "Matched" trilogy, "Crossed", picks up where "Matched" left off and we find Cassia still willing to do whatever it takes to find Ky even if it means risking her life. We're introduced to new characters in Vick, Eli and Indie and while we see very little of Xander (insert disgruntled sigh), we learn he has a secret he's been keeping from Cassia. Cassia, along with the others will face quite a few obstacles as they attempt to cross the Carving which I imagined to be similar to the Grand Canyon. Throughout her journey, she's discovered a strength in herself that she never imagined possible and she's excited at the prospect of what her future with Ky will hold, especially once they reach the Rising. What she doesn't expect is his resistance or they way he begins to close himself off to her. What's going on? What's happened to the Ky she fell in love with back on The Hill? When they first reunite everything seems to be as it should (with lots of kissing) but the closer they get to finding out where the Rising is, the more he pulls away from her. Cassia begins to question everything, her feelings about Ky, her sorting ability and when she discovers Xander has a secret and that both Ky and Indie have known about it and kept it from her, she questions her trust in both of them. To make things even more interesting, Ky has a secret (or two) also, including something he has in common with Cassia but he can't reveal it to her just yet because it could put them both in danger. Nothing is what it seems (including those pesky little blue pills) and everything and everyone seems to have an ulterior motive. Who can Cassia trust and whose really in charge, the Rising or the Society? Is she really just a pawn in a game? Cassia is faced with tough choices, none of which are black and white, (or should I say, green, blue or red?) The things she'll discover about herself and the two boys she loves will change her forever. Even though she's still "matched" with Xander, she's continued to "choose" Ky but will that all change once she learns Xanders secret or Ky's for that matter? When the truth comes out will she still feel she ever really had a choice to begin with? I enjoyed how the chapters alternated between both Ky and Cassia's POV's and I can only hope the third book will include Xander's as well. I did find the story a little slow in the beginning with the feeling of Ky and Cassia being "so close yet so far away" as they both were trying to get back to each other. It wasn't until page 191 where everything changes and begins to pick up. I happened to be up reading late one night and stopped at page 190 which was probably a good thing, otherwise I would've stayed up the rest of the night to finish the book. Overall, I think this was a really good sequel and I'm really looking forward to the final book. I like Xander but I'm still Team Ky!