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Touch - Jus Accardo Thank you to Netgalley for another interesting ARC. "Touch" is a fast paced, action packed thriller with a heaping dose of romance.Deznee Cross is a seventeen year old full of teen angst, defiance and the need for the next adrenaline high. Her Mother's been gone for longer than she can remember and she's left to her own devices much of the time because her dad works long hours as a high powered attorney for the local Denazen Corporation. He doesn't seem to care who she spends her time with so long as the police aren't involved and this lack of parental supervision is an open invitation for a teenager seeking attention. Dez lives recklessly and without concern for her safety or her reputation and if she can tick her dad off in the process, well, then, that's just the icing on the cupcake.When Kale literally stumbles from out of nowhere into Dez's life late one night, she can think of no better (or faster) way to get on Dad's bad side then to bring him home. Almost as soon as she does though, she notices that Kale isn't like other guys in her town. He behaves as if he doesn't understand the simplest things like DVD's, empty vases, and he wears her borrowed shoes in the shower (refusing to give them back) and when she offers to help him clean his wounds, he acts as if simple human contact would kill him...or her. What Dez doesn't realize is that Kale isn't a normal guy but a high tech weapon designed to kill with one touch, literally. When Dez's Dad comes home from work and sees Kale, his cover is blown and the secrets he's been hiding begin to unravel. Kale threatens to kill Dez, knowing that anything he touches with his bare skin dies - anything that is, except Dez. What happens next will set in motion a series of events that will have the two of them on the run and in the fight of their lives. They're journey will lead them to uncover the secrets the town has been keeping for years; that the people and things in it are not always what they seem and Kale isn't the only one with special abilities. In order to survive they'll have to learn to trust not only each other but those who claim to want to help them. They'll also discover whether or not love really can overcome anything, including a deadly touch.