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Silence - Becca Fitzpatrick I could NOT wait to read this book but once I had it in my hands I wanted to read it as slowly as possible. Why? Well, because when author, Becca Fitzpatrick announced the other day that there is going to be a 4th book in the "Hush Hush" series I knew it would be at least another YEAR before I would get my Patch fix again and that's a long time to wait. Like torturously long and I wanted to savor as much Patch as I could. Can you really blame me? ;)There was sooo much heart racing excitement at the end of "Crescendo" that I expected "Silence" to pick up right where it left off, in Patch's shed or Jev as we found out was his true name, (Honestly, I don't care what he calls himself, as long as he calls. Wink. Wink.) but it doesn't. It actually picks up three months later in a cemetery where Nora has woken up without a clue as to where she is, what day it is or how she got there. Oh yeah, and she has no memory of the past five months of her life either. What?! She's told that she was kidnapped and most likely her amnesia is a result of the trauma. Who took her and where?! What kind of trauma?! (For the record, the most traumatic thing for me would be NOT remembering Patch! I mean, seriously, how could one NOT remember those eyes, those lips, those wing scars...oh, sorry, I got distracted for a second.)Nora presses those around her, her Mom, Vee, her doctor, for clues, answers, anything to help her rebuild her memory but they aren't much help and Patch is nowhere to be found. Who is Patch anyway? Why does that name ring a bell to her? Whenever she hears someone mention it, a flood of feelings comes back but no memories...why? Who was he and what did he mean to her? (Um, here's a hint...he tried to kill you, but it was just once...still nothing? OK, well, he's the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!)She has flashes of memories but can't seem to put the pieces together to form one coherent puzzle. The only thing she has to go on are her feelings. When she's around certain people, she gets weird vibes that seem to tell her, memory or no memory, something.is.up. Take her Mom's new boyfriend for example, Hank Millar, he's the father of her long time nemesis, Marcie (who happens to be acting nice to her which is creepin' her out - (we don't trust her as far as we can throw her) but there are other things about him Nora can't explain. Why does he look so young? Why is he dating her Mom anyway? Scott Parnell shows up again too, claiming that they know each other and he's the one who bought Nora her car. She's suspicious at first but that's because she doesn't remember him beyond elementary school. (Scotty the Potty - snort) Then there's the hot new stranger, Jev. (Yum-my!) He's come to her aid several times already and there's no denying the electricity between the two but he continues to deny having met her before and she's not so sure she should believe him. Things only begin to get stranger as Nora's flashes or what she believes are hallucinations come more frequently. She begins to realize the world around her and some of the people in it are not what they seem. She also discovers that her memory loss was no accident. As "Silence" progresses and the silence in Nora's life grows, we find out there is a battle brewing and she's at the center of it. Oaths are sworn and deals are made that cannot be broken. A destiny has been chosen for her, one she never asked for or wanted and choices will have to be made, ones that could alter her future forever. How is she to survive without her memory and without Patch? What happened to their love? What happened to him? Wasn't he supposed to protect her? Nora will learn that sometimes what we're looking for most can't be found in the search itself, but can only be found in the silence that follows.***POTENTIAL SPOILERS***Every so often, when I get really into a series, I like to think up my own "happy ending". This gives me a chance to know (if only in my own head) that the characters I've come to love are going to be "OK". It also gives me a chance to actually sleep at night. Yes, I do dream about the characters I get attached too. (Quite vividly in fact.) Yes, I'm aware that I sound like a crazy person w/serious issues. Yes, I know that you're laughing at me right and I'm totally fine with that. Here are my Book 4 Suggestions:A war has begun but can Nora and Patch work together to stop it? Will they be able to change the future not only for their kinds but for mankind as well or will they find themselves on opposite sides, they're love destroyed for all eternity? *Patch/Jev & Nora stop the war & get both sides to make peace for the sake of all mankind thus saving the world*They get married (she's 18 by now, a legal adult but really...just an oversight when you're immortal.)*They consummate their relationship - FINALLY!*They have little nephil/archangel babies w/wings! Just allow yourself to imagine for minute little baby Patch's running around...you know you want too. :D*Scott & Vee get together (He needs a good girl and she deserves a good guy, don'tcha think?)*Harrison isn't really dead and/or comes back to help w/the war in some fashion.