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Before I Go To Sleep - S.J.Watson This was a really good read! I have to admit it started out a bit slow for me but I'm so glad I stuck with it. Intriguing, suspenseful, terrifying, exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time. In "Before I Go to Sleep", we meet Christine, whose woken up (like every day) and doesn't know where she is or worse, who she is. She also doesn't expect to be as old as she is. Christine suffers from a rare form of amnesia and can only retain memories from the day she is living in because once she goes to sleep each night, she forgets everything and everyone. Her husband, Ben, tells her every morning the story of her life, their life together and about her amnesia which is the result of her accident that she had at 29. She is now 47. She has no choice but to trust him and the memories he tells her they've made together, until one day when she receives a call that could change everything. When Dr. Nash calls and tells Christine that they've been meeting regularly to work on recovering her memory and she's been recording her progress in a secret journal that Ben doesn't know about, the story really gets interesting. Christine begins to read back through all that she's remembered, bits and pieces of her life and they aren't matching up with what Ben has been telling her. As the events leading up to her "accident" begin to unfold, she starts to realize there's more at stake than just her memories and she begins to fear for her life and those around her. She's not sure anymore who she can trust but she's learning that in order to survive she'll have to depend on herself and what she believes to be true, not just what those around her tell her.This story is well written and really makes you think about how we remember things. Do we always remember them the way they really happened? Or as time goes on, do we remember people, events, etc. the way we want to remember them? It's also scary to think about losing all the memories we have, especially of spouses, children, and loved ones. Pictures are nice but if there is no memory to go with it then it's just a picture. (Like buying a frame at the store with a stock photo in it - you might like the picture but it means nothing to you.)When I finished this book I had two thoughts... 1) This would make a good movie (if done correctly) and 2) Those Brits sure do fancy the f-bomb. ;)