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Funny How Things Change - Melissa Wyatt This was a refreshing, quick read about how even the best laid plans can change when we discover what's truly important to us. Remy (Remington) Walker is a 17 year old native of West Virginia whose long time love, Lisa Perkins is getting ready to go away to college in Pennsylvania. They've always dreamed of getting out of their deadened town and even though Remy won't be going to college himself, he plans to go with her so they can get started on their life together. That is, until Dana, a talented young artist from Maryland shows up for the summer and shows Remy, as well as the other residents of Dwyer, West Virginia what their town looks like through the eyes of outsiders. Remy is a salt of the earth kind of guy with a quick wit and he's one a girl can bring home to Mom and Dad. He loves Lisa (almost to a fault) and is willing to do anything for her even if it means giving up the mountain that his family settled over 100 years ago.Lisa is beautiful and kind and while she loves Remy, she wants nothing more than to get out of Dwyer. She has big plans for her life and doesn't always realize that he may not fit into them long term. Because of this, her selfishness is often overlooked by both of them at times.Dana is cute, free spirited, fun loving and full of sass. (LOVE her!) She brings out a side of Remy that both scares and excites him. With Lisa, he's always felt safe but whenever he's around Dana he feels alive. This book is full of good characters and really does the people of West Virginia justice. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the cover. I'm a sucker for a pretty cover and this one just didn't do it for me but. The title is what caught my eye and I read the summary and thought it sounded interesting. Like author, Melissa Wyatt, my husband has family from West Virginia and I've visited there several times in my life so being able to relate to the scenery she describes was an added bonus.