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Unearthly - Cynthia Hand Pretty cover but I did not love this book. I'm also beginning to feel like Nephilim are the new Vampires in YA Lit these days. Author Hand's inclusion of the Genesis 6:4 reference was nice for anyone not familiar with the Nephilim or where they were ever real or not but I found the story to be slow, awkward in places and cliche. Clara wasn't all that impressive to me as a main character. In fact, when she was around Christian she seemed creepy, stalkerish and not at all believable, almost making me want to put the book down . When she was with Tucker, however, she was much more engaging. As far as plot goes, I didn't feel like there was a whole lot of mystery there. I had figured out that Christian was most likely "different" not too far into the book and wasn't surprised at all by the ending. I felt like there should have been more interaction between he and Clara while he was away to make the "choice" at the end much more difficult for her but again, it was no surprise to me.Angela was irritating at best and while my first inclination is to assume she will turn out to be bad based on her parentage, my gut tells me Jeffrey is most likely the one to watch out for. Tucker was the BEST part of this book for me (THE BEST!) and I thoroughly enjoyed his exchanges with Clara! I loved his witty humor, his kindness, humility and the way he could infuriate Clara all at the same time. (I'd probably be more of an outdoorsy type myself if I'd met a Tucker when I was younger.) I will probably read the next book just to find out what happens to him. The book has a good message - we're all special, all created for a purpose greater than ourselves.