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Imaginary Girls - Nova Ren Suma If this book was a movie it would have me sitting, preferably not alone, with my hands covering my eyes while peaking through my fingers to see what happens. Stories like this are the reason I don't go swimming a) at night (in any body of water) and b) I avoid the deep end of every body of water, period. I had high hopes for this book (the cover is beautiful!) but unfortunately, it left me with an eery feeling and lots of unanswered questions, like why Ruby is the way she was? Her mother alluded to something later in the book but never clarified. Is there really magic involved or something else? Chloe frustrated me at times because just when it seems she starts to see her sister for who she really is, she gets sucked right back in again. I also didn't "get" that so many people were under Ruby's "spell" either. Even if there's magic involved it just didn't seem that believable to me. I think the only sane character was Owen and I was thoroughly disappointed in how his part played out. I felt like there was so much more to the relationship he and Chloe were developing, the fact that Ruby's influence didn't work on him, Chloe was beginning to pick up on certain things, etc., that could've served the plot more. I kept hoping that the story would pick up at the end, questions would get answered but they didn't. I was just left with an overall "creepy" feeling. I had a really hard time finishing this book and that almost never happens to me, especially with YA books.