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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare I liked how Clare weaved her knowledge of the Old Testament into this series and the knowledge of the battle that takes place in the spiritual realm which is mentioned (and warned about) in the New Testament. I was also struck by how the mundanes choose not to "see" what takes place right in front of their eyes too. I don't know if that was intentional and I realize this story is fiction but being a Christian, I tend to "read between the lines" of a story and don't just see the surface story. For example, is the Lord of the Rings really about a gold ring, a few hobbits, some elves, or dwarfs? No. Neither is this story just about a group of teenagers who battle demons. It's about good verses evil, sacrifice, family, friendship, love, seeing yourself for who you truly are and becoming the person you were created to be. On a lighter note...I didn't think I wanted to read the others in this series when I first finished this book because of the outcome of Clary & Jace's relationship...I felt totally jipped! Haha! Kinda like reading all the Twilight books only to discover Bella & Edward are "related". I actually went on wikipedia to read the summaries of the other books which is cheating, I know, but I only skimmed looking for Jace's name. Once satisfied, I picked up the other books and proceeded to read them in about 48 hours. Now, I'm stuck waiting for the final two to come out and 2 years is a long time for an impatient person. :D