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Rock and a Hard Place: A Jamieson Brothers Novel - Angie Stanton What I Liked: I'm not gonna lie, I felt like I was reading about the Jonas Brothers in the beginning of this. (I happen to enjoy the JoBros, so this wasn't a bad thing.) The story was a bit cliche, however, Angie Stanton creates enough interest in the characters that I HAD to know what happened between Peter and Libby and finished this in about three hours.We see quite a bit of Peter's parents, especially his Mom in this book which can be unusual even in a book about teenagers. Rock and a Hard Place has a balanced mix of drama, romance and swoon, but what I found really refreshing was that this is a clean read. No sex, no explicit language but still plenty of kissing.What Left Me Wanting More: The feel of the dialogue seemed to swing from one extreme to the other. (I had to remind myself a few times that Peter and Libby were teenagers and not middle school or college age). The ending felt a bit abrupt too.Final Verdict: Rock and a Hard Place is a swoony star-crossed love story that can be enjoyed by various ages.