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Perfect Lies - Kiersten White

It is now 2:30a.m. and I have spent the last three hours reading this (cover to cover). I'm still not entirely sure what happened but morning is going to hurt, bad. (Originally read in Aug. 2013)


Initial Reaction: I don't even...what just happened? (Mind you, this was at 2:30a.m. after I had just finished reading this cover to cover.) 


What I Liked: I wish the cover would have shown up on my Nook because it's brilliant and all of the little squares represent a scene in the story. *squints*

PERFECT LIES picked up where MIND GAMES left off and the story is still told from both Fia and Annie's POVs which I enjoyed. However, the timeline combined with the multiple variations and changes to the outcome thoroughly confused me in that, "This author is a million times smarter than me." way. Fia was my favorite character in book 1 but Annie and Cole were the two who won me over in this book. (Annie's humor helped to offset Fia's cray-cray and wound some much needed continuity into the storyline for me.)

Fia and James' relationship was as unstable as ever and despite my rooting for them, for him especially, I wasn't at all surprised with how things turned out. 


What Left Me Wanting More: So much focus was put onto Adam in book 1 but then by the end of this one, he had faded into the background. I almost wish there had been a epilogue, I wanted to see what happened a few years down the road.


Final Verdict: Unputdownable, mind-twisting sequel.