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OHMYGARGOYLES, this was so good!

Bitter Sweet Love (The Dark Elements #0.5) - Jennifer L. Armentrout

What I Loved: When I think of gargoyles, I tend to think of the creepy little pewter statues my husband was so fond of when we first met. Not anymore. Jas and Dez are anything but creepy in this intriguing new series about the ghoulish looking guardians. 


Jas has spent the past three years trying to put Dez behind her. They used to be BGFs (Best Gargoyles Forever) and were even supposed to be mated, but then he left and broke her heart. No calls, no texts, no random fly-bys, nothing.  When Dez returns and claims Jas as his own, she is not exactly ready to fly off to make little gargoyle babies. Dez will have to prove himself to Jas and he only has seven days to do it.

I loved how the "real" world and the spiritual realm, where evil formerly presided, are combined and we get to see humans interacting with the mythical creatures.


We glimpse a few of the characters from Book One - White Hot Kiss (2/2014), but this novella is a story all it's own. 


What Left Me Wanting More: Nothing. It was the perfect segway into the next book.


Final Verdict:Exciting start to a new series! Aliens, Demigods, Nephilim and now Gargoyles...I'm pretty sure Jennifer L. Armentrout could write a book about spiders and find a way to make them swoonworthy. ;)