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Thought Provoking, Compelling and Terrifyingly Realistic

Uninvited - Sophie Jordan

HOLY HTS that was good!

I've attempted to write this review several times and each time I was ready to hit, "publish", my Internet crashed. I think it's because the government is secretly watching and doesn't want me to tell you just how awesome this book is.

Too bad, because I'm going to do it anyway...

What I LOVED: Thought provoking, compelling and terrifyingly realistic, UNINVITED left me breathless, on the edge of my seat, and anxious for the next installment!

As a reader, I loved the strong characters, the action, the suspense and of course the romance. In the span of a few days Davy's entire world is flipped on it's head and the people she thought she could depend on, the ones who claimed to love her, are the first to turn against her. *shakes fist at these people - one I want to punch in the throat*

But Davy is no wilting flower. She's forced into situations that require mental, physical and emotional strength and she rises to the occasion LIKE A BOSS. And then there is Sean O'Rourke who is just... I'm sorry, what was I talking about? Oh. Right. Sean. He's is a carrier too, and even though Davy thinks he's the tall, dark and all kinds of dangerous kind of HTS, I know that HTS really stands for, Hunky Tall Soap-Slingers. You're welcome.

As a Mom, there were a few moments when I had to literally put my kindle down and step away from this book. Why? Because the behavior of some of the adults, the way they reacted, blew my mind. It also made my heart ache for the kids. If HTS were a real thing and someone tried to take my boys away from me, they would have to do it OVER-MY-COLD-DEAD-BODY.

Final Verdict: I have been a Sophie Jordan fan from the moment Jacinda first took flight in Firelight, but Uninvited is my new favorite! (And Will, I still love you, but you need to make some room for Sean on the Book Boy Shelf.)