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The Chance (Thunder Point #3)

The Chance - Robyn Carr

The Chance is the third installment in Robyn Carr's, Thunder Point Series. It still features and interesting story told from multiple POVs, but The Chance focuses primarily on Eric Gentry and Laine Carrington.

Eric is Gina's ex and Ashley's birth father and I was really hoping to see more of their relationship develop, but aside from one conversation where they discussed Laine, there wasn't a whole lot of interaction between father and daughter. From the outside Eric appears to be a tough guy but out of all the Thunder Point men, he is my least favorite. He lacked the same kind of inner strength Cooper and Mac had and the way he allowed Laine to walk all over him made me uncomfortable at times.

Laine Carrington is the FBI agent who infiltrated the commune and ended up helping Devon and the other women escape. I liked her in the second book and I am all for strong female characters, but she came across hard and bossy and degrading to Eric. She made it seem like his background and his current job as a mechanic was somehow menial and beneath her. Which was ironic considering she has spent a lifetime in a similar argument with her father. Overall, her personality made connecting with her a challenge for me.

My biggest issue with this book was all of the "telling" and not "showing" that took place. I found myself being pulled out the story and bogged down by it which is a shame. I really enjoyed the first book in this series but I think my trips to Thunder Point may end with this one.