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Who Knew Leprechauns Could Be Sexy?

See Me - Wendy Higgins

3.75 Stars!


I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of Fae stories, but I am a fan of all things Irish and an even bigger fan of Wendy Higgins, and I enjoyed this! 


SEE ME is a fast paced, heartwarming story that is sweetly romantic and at times, laugh out loud funny! (The conversation between Robyn, Cass and their Mom on the plane cracked me up.) It's filled with lots of engaging characters and imagery that made me long for another visit to the Emerald Isle. My favorite part though, was watching the relationship between Robyn and McKale unfold.  It wasn't instant nor was it easy, but it was so worth it in the end.


There's a little bit of everything in SEE ME; action, adventure, magic, fantasy, romance and humor. And believe me when I tell you, you'll never look at leprechauns the same way again. ;)