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Great addition to the series!

Tamed - Emma Chase

*Due to the content this isn't recommended for readers under 18.*

Story: This series has quickly become my guilty pleasure because it's one of the most authentic male POVs I've come across. Even though I liked them as side characters, I wasn't sure how invested in Matthew and Delores' story I would be, but I ended up THOROUGHLY enjoying this! Matthew and Delores are both raw, honest and hilariously inappropriate characters who made me laugh, choked me up and caused me to blush a few times too (HARD). We also get a glimpse of Drew and Kate's budding relationship and more insight into Alexandra and Stephen too. (I hope we get to read their story eventually!)

Audio: Deacon Lee does a fantastic job capturing Matthew's endearing arrogance and Delores' quirky personality and bringing them to life!